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alt vs title


  1. The alt attribute is the alternate text to serve as the content of element when the element isn't rendered normally.

    <img> is the most popular tag using the alt attribute.

    When an image can't be loaded, the browser will display the alt text in its place so the user can get an idea of why the image was included.

  2. The title attribute is the tooltip text seen when hovering over the element.

Good practice

Always use the alt attribute for <img> tags.

Google and other search engines can't read the image but they can see the alt text. Setting the alt attribute is a good practice for SEO (search engine optimization).

You usually won't set the title attribute for <img> unless it really provides more information about the image. But it could be argued that if you have to explain your image with title text, maybe there's a better image to use.


Here's two options for making sure you always include the alt attribute on the img tag.

  1. Use CSS to give a red outline to any img having a missing or blank alt attribute:

    outline: 8px solid red;
  2. If you are using Visual Studio Code, you can install the webhint extension.

    It will automatically detect the issue and show the details when you hover on the element.

    Detect the missing alternate text with webhint

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