What is the difference between ˍˍˍ and ˍˍˍ in the front-end development?

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hasOwnProperty vs in
function vs property in interface
key vs keyCode vs which
instanceof vs typeof
interface vs type
Map vs WeakMap
literal union type vs string enums
method in class constructor vs prototype
margin vs padding
mouseenter vs mouseover
keydown vs keypress vs keyup
naturalWidth vs width
Normalize vs Reset CSS
null vs undefined
Object.is() vs ===
Number() vs parseInt()
Object vs Map
object.property vs object['property']
++value vs value++
nodeName vs tagName
script async vs script defer
Object.getOwnPropertyNames() vs Object.keys()
slice vs splice
stopImmediatePropagation vs stopPropagation
string.charAt(i) vs string[i]
parentElement vs parentNode
<> vs React.Fragment
style="width: ___" vs width="___"
undefined vs void
variable === undefined vs typeof variable === "undefined"
string vs String
word-break: break-all vs word-wrap: break-word
substr vs substring
:active vs :focus
alt vs title
addEventListener() function vs on property
array = [] vs array.length = 0
argument vs parameter
apply vs call
border-box vs content-box
border vs outline
<button> vs <input type="button" />
clientHeight vs offsetHeight vs scrollHeight
<b>, <i> vs <strong>, <em>
arrow vs regular function
const vs let vs var
clientY vs pageY
class vs id
currentTarget vs target
concat vs push
*.d.ts vs *.ts
const enum vs enum
display: none vs [hidden]
delete obj.property vs obj.property = undefined
const vs readonly
double quotes vs single quote
DOMContentLoaded vs load
encodeURI vs encodeURIComponent
display: none vs opacity: 0 vs visibility: hidden
== vs ===
<div> vs <section>
event bubbling vs capturing
event.preventDefault vs return false
Element vs Node
for ... in vs for ... of
function declaration vs function expression
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